ONE of your many drink options is coffee. Within this one option are various other options which are the blends of coffee. Different locations and seasons may limit these options but for the most part, you can choose from the original blend, a decaffeinated blend, dark roast or a cold brew.

Original Blend

Original blend is your blend when you need a good “pick-me-up” with a smooth taste. Good, strong coffee that can be enjoyed with add-ons or alone. This is the more popular blend in both iced or hot categories. A fan favorite, a classic.

Decaf Blend

This blend is just what it sounds like, decaffeinated coffee that still has that same great taste. This has the taste of the original blend without the energy boost. If you love the taste but can’t handle the jitters, this is your ideal blend.

Dark Roast

For all the true coffee lovers, this blend is bold and with a punch. Although it is only slightly more caffeinated, the taste is there. A dark roast doesn’t always mean more caffeine, just more of a kick.

Cold Brew

This brew is made using dark roast and water. The ground beans are soaked in water and set to rest for an extended period of time, around 12 hours. This blend is smooth and very caffeinated. At Dunkin’ we offer this drink cold only and now carry sweet cold foam to add on top!