Caramel Iced Coffee

Alongside the caramel macchiato, the caramel iced coffee is made constantly throughout the day. A sweet, smooth, refreshing cup of iced coffee with just the right amount of caramel sweetener and cream. Taste just like melted ice cream!

As mentioned under “Creamer and Milks”, you can add whatever dairy or dairy-alternative you would like to your drink. You are not just limited to creamer in coffees. In this particular case, a very popular and common drink is made with caramel and creamer.

Of course this can be enjoyed in the exact same way when hot but the more common way to get it, is iced. The drink starts with a cup of ice, the desired amount of caramel pumps, the desired amount of creamer, and filled to the top with our original blend iced coffee. The original blend can also be switched out for decaf. More creamer and caramel are added to result in a sweet, ice cream like taste; less of these are added to highlight the coffee taste and make it more bitter.

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