Caramel Frozen Coffee

If you are a fan of caramel frappes and blended drinks, this is a must-try. Maybe it’s the caramel syrup, but this too tastes like ice cream. The most popular syrup is caramel and this drink will prove to you why.

In a blender, the correct amount of coffee syrup and creamer (all depending on the size you order) is added along with however many pumps of caramel were desired and is blended with ice. A thick, icy coffee is created and topped with whip cream and caramel drizzle.

Frozens are unique and therefore they tend to confuse our customers. Remember, an iced coffee can be made with caramel and creamer to resemble this without the blending and a macchiato/latte/cappuccino/americano can be made with the same caramel syrup and milk to create something similar, but stronger. Frozens do not come hot because well, they’re frozen! And a latte or any other espresso drink cannot come frozen!

This drink is very sweet but because it is made with a coffee syrup, the taste of coffee does not get overpowered and muted. You can enjoy a sweet, flavorful frozen and still have that coffee taste.

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