Most people to decide to add creamer or milk to their coffees. Lattes and other espresso drinks are primarily made with milk but there are multiple options to chose from. However, certain dairy-alternatives do come with small additional costs.


Again, everything varies depending on the location, but for the majority, the creamer used at Dunkin’ is just Half and Half. The amount of creamers used depends on the size but it too can be customized to your liking; however many or little creamers you would like simply needs to be specified when ordering the drink. If you want to “regular” amount we use depending on your drink size, then there is no need to specify!


To try and cater to everyone’s needs, Dunkin offers different kinds of milks and milk alternatives. Just like at the grocery store where almond and oat milk are more expensive than whole, we charge a few cents more for these dairy alternatives as-well. Our options include:

  • Whole Milk
  • Skim Milk
  • Almond Milk (vanilla)
  • Oat Milk (extra-creamy)

All of these options can be included in any drink you want. Creamers are not just limited to coffees, it is very common for them to be added in lattes or macchiatos. Same goes for the milks, many people chose to add milk into their hot teas or coolatas.

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