Another great option for what kind of drink you want: espresso drinks. These are your lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos and americanos which can all come either hot or iced. These are made with shots of espresso and milk or water. Espresso beans are roasted longer than coffee beans and therefore, are stronger and used in smaller quantities. Any of the espresso drinks can also come decaffeinated. They too are customizable and can be made to your liking.


Lattes are made of espresso, milk, and a flavor if desired. The shot of espresso depends on the size of the drink, it is considered “one-shot” but the amount varies for each size. It is always possible to add another shot of espresso or add less by reducing the size of the shot. So if your drink is a medium, you will get a medium shot of espresso unless you ask for more, in which you will get a double medium shot, or if you ask for less, in which you will get a small shot of espresso. The rest of the cup is filled with your choice of milk and ice if it is a cold drink.


Macchiatos are very similar to lattes with the exception that they include more espresso, double the amount to be exact. The sizing works the same in that it varies for the size you pick but in this case it would be double the size shot of espresso. For example, a medium macchiato would be filled with milk and topped with a double medium shot.The drink is started with milk and a flavor, if chosen, and the 2 shots sit at the top.


Again, another similar drink but with slight differences. A cappuccino comes with more leveled distributions of espresso, milk, and foam. If compared to a latte, it does have a little more espresso but not as much as a macchiato. When iced, the milk, espresso, and flavor (if desired) is blended together slightly to create foam that sits at the top of the cup. When hot, the milk is steamed to create extra foam that again, sits at the top once mixed.


This drink is for the brave. This is more than just a “pick-me-up”. This espresso drink, very much unlike the others, is made with water and a whole lot more espresso. It is one of the strongest drinks we carry but surprisingly, not the most caffeinated. Like a dark roast, the pungent taste does not always mean more caffeine. The cup is filled about 1/3 of the way with espresso and the rest with water. It can be customized with any milk, sugar, flavor, or cream.