Caramel Macchiato

The caramel macchiato is probably the most purchased and popular drink at Dunkin’. It is classic! The cup is primarily milk mixed with caramel swirl to add both flavor and sweetener, and has two shots of espresso sitting on top. It is very sweet but also very strong, it has a lot of espresso and is pretty heavily caffeinated.

As mentioned under “Espresso Drinks”, a macchiato is made with milk and two shots of espresso. Any additives to the milk and mixed together but the espresso rests on top and is not mixed in by the barista. Adding a swirl like caramel will make it sweeter and adding just a shot would add a flavor without the sweetener.

Just like the lattes, a macchiato cannot be blended into a frozen drink; this macchiato can be enjoyed both over ice and hot.

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