You have your size, temperature, blend, flavor, milk, and a whole bunch of options. Now on to the most important part. The purpose of this guide was to make the ordering process easier on you, the customer, and employees like me, the baristas. This entire guide may have sounded like an ad but my goal was to inform you because I want you to enjoy your purchase! But, let’s talk about other important things….

Pet Peeves…

As a Dunkin’ employee we deal with hundreds of people a day and we try to help everyone as best as we can. Sometimes, mistakes happen and that is okay. The important part is remembering that we did not do it on purpose so we apologize for the inconvenience, we can fix that for you, and there is no need to get upset! Angry customers make a situation worse, always be nice to those providing a service ANYWHERE you go!

Unless the server you are speaking to has the words “Manager” above their name, know that we do not make the rules, we simply follow them. Sometimes, certain matters are out of our hands so if you have a complaint or a suggestion, try calling corporate or someone with a little more power. The last thing a server wants to hear is a complaint about something they have no power over and cannot fix for you.

Trust me when I tell you you’re not the only person in a rush! If you see the place packed and a drive-thru line down the street, be patient. No barista or employee is purposefully slowing down your order. We are doing our best and there are many, many people that need to be helped, so wait your turn and do not try to rush the workers. You repeating the order you are waiting for will not make it come any faster.

This last one pertains to our current situation, we are in a pandemic and it is dangerous. Workers come to provide for themselves, not put themselves, or anyone else, in danger. Be respectful and considerate of those around you, wear a mask both inside the restaurant AND in the drive-thru. We have plenty of other options for you if you chose to not wear a mask but those include staying away from anyone else. We will not fight you on it, we will simply ask you to leave or put one on. It is for a few minutes, you will survive…trust me, we wear one all day.

These may have come off a bit harsh but it is the truth, that is your guide to ordering your perfect Dunkin’ drink without annoying your baristas.