This drink was inspired and named after TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. Her go-to order became an option for her followers to enjoy their coffee the same way she does. It did not take long for fans to come running after her drink and because of its success, there has been an improved “remix” version of it.

The original

In the original Charli drink, we mixed cold-brew with caramel and milk. Because it is her signature drink, there was no way to alter it and still call it “The Charli”. It is important to remember, however, that this is a cold brew and it is very strong and very caffeinated. Her order was not customized to specificity in the amount of caramel or milk, she got it as it came pertaining to her drink size.

Many of Charli’s fans are younger and her content caters to this audience, this drink was highly criticized as it made many kids want to come and get it, not knowing how caffeinated it was. All of that set aside, it was a good cold brew and its critiques did not stop it from selling.

The remix

Now that Dunkin’ offers sweet cold foam, there has been an upgrade to The Charli. Sweet cold foam is primarily enjoyed on top of cold brew, so it was no surprise that there would be an updated version of the original Charli. Sweet cold foam is used as a dairy substitute, it slowly melts into the drink and makes it creamier; it is a thick cream that again-tastes like melted ice cream. It can be enjoyed on a large variety of drinks but is most popular on cold brew.

In the remix drink, it is still made of cold brew and caramel except this time, the milk is substituted with the cold foam and is topped with caramel drizzle and cinnamon-sugar.

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