The Cocoa Mocha is another, year-round, signature latte. It had the base of a latte, milk and one shot of espresso, mixed with Mocha syrup.

As mentioned in the “Caramel Craze” tab, the signature lattes as Dunkin’ come with whip cream and extra toppings. This drink can come hot or cold, but because it is a latte, it cannot be blended into a frozen drink.

When made hot, your choice of milk is steamed and then mixed in with the correct size of espresso shot and the decided amount of pumps of the Mocha syrup. When made iced, the milk is poured directly over ice and mixed in with the espresso and Mocha syrup. Either way, they are both topped off with whip cream, chocolate drizzle, and cocoa powder.

Similar to this drink and also very popular, is the frozen chocolate. This is essentially the same drink without the espresso/caffeine. So if you love that smooth and rich chocolate taste, try either one!

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