Before you start to chalk up ideas about what flavors you want to mix, think about the foundation of you drink! What size were you looking for? Was this going to iced or hot? Did you want that blended? These are all questions we baristas interrupt you to ask. Always start your order with these important details to make it easier on your Dunkin’ servers and to get your drink faster!

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Dunkin’ carries your average drink sizes of small, medium and large EXCEPT in hot drinks. When ordering a hot drink, your options range from small to EXTRA-large. So now the next questions is, what temperature do you want your drink?

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It’s more than just hot or iced, this is YOUR personalized drink so get it how you want it! Decide if you want your drink to be cold, hot, or warm. You can get your drink iced, cold but without the ice, hot, or warm. There is also the option of a blended drink – these are called Frozen drinks. These are limited to: frozen coffees, coolatas, frozen chocolates, and frozen matcha lattes. Aside from the blended drinks, the choice it yours! Remember to start with your size and temperature of drink to make the process go by smoother, once this is settled you can look into what KIND of drink you want.


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